In a special edition of the Podcast, we profile the story of lynching victim July Perry, as a marker for him is unveiled in Orange County, Florida. He was lynched in the hours after the election of 1920.

When you watch television news cover stories of crime, is there a disproportionate number of suspects of color? How does what you see compare to the actual numbers? How does that affect your perception of the minority communities where you live?

We're taking a deep dive into the issue of discrimination based on both race and gender, especially how it plays out in higher education, and how it affects black male students particularly

Guess who's turning 1? The Colorblind Podcast. Yes, April marks our first birthday/anniversary. So to mark the occasion, host Vanessa Echols is joined by guest producer Ashley Long and Technical Producer Keith to reflect on some of our most memorable show topics and guests.

Author Gail Lukasik is a mystery writer who uncovered a mystery in her own family. As an adult, she discovered that her mother was passing, living her life as a white woman

In this episode we take a trip through history as we unpack the fascination, the controversy and the hot topic of blackface. Why is it offensive? How is it that in 2019, some people still don't understand why it's offensive, insulting and hurtful.

In 2019, is 11:00 Sunday morning still the most segregated hour of the week? In many Christian churches, the answer is yes. In this episode, we tackle the issue of racial reconciliation in the Christian church. Is it just a buzzword, how does it look and how much effort does it take?

We can barely make it through the day without hearing about a case of racism. But do we really understand what the word means and what situations are actually a case of racism?

Investigative Journalist Jerry Mitchell has spent much of his career digging up the past and coming face -to- face with some of the most notorious killers from the Civil Rights Movement.