Candid and intelligent discussions focusing on issues of race with a panel of guests spanning different generations, moderated by WFTV Orlando’s Vanessa Echols.

Is That Your Kid?

Hosted by Vanessa Echols

In this episode, we’re unpacking the issue of trans-racial adoption, people who adopt children of another race. What are the challenges in trying to teach children about their birth culture, when you haven’t experienced it yourself? Or does that even matter? What is it like for a child to grow up in a family and an environment where no one else looks like him or her? Joining us for the panel are: Mary Robinson, adjunct professor at Valencia College, who has studied trans-racial and transnational adoption extensively. She is also a trans-racial and transnational adoptee; Marah Beltz, Alumni Affairs Director at Bethune Cookman University, who is a bi-racial adoptee who has white parents; and Child Advocate Penny Jones, who has adopted trans-racially.

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