Candid and intelligent discussions focusing on issues of race with a panel of guests spanning different generations, moderated by WFTV Orlando’s Vanessa Echols.

Segregated Sunday

Hosted by Vanessa Echols

In 2019, is 11:00 Sunday morning still the most segregated hour of the week? In many Christian churches, the answer is yes. In this episode, we tackle the issue of racial reconciliation in the Christian church. Is it just a buzzword, how does it look and how much effort does it take? Our guests are two Florida Pastors who are actively involved in the issue in their community: Dr. Joel Hunter, who led Northland, a megachurch in Central Florida for more than three decades; Pastor Tim Johnson, Senior Pastor at Orlando World Outreach, with one of the most diverse congregations in the state. And our third guest is Brandon Nightingale, a graduate student at The University of Central Florida, whose thesis focuses on historically black churches and the Civil Rights Movement.

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